3 Reasons Why Granite Kitchen Countertops Are The Best Option

The kitchen is one of the most used parts in any house, whether residential or commercial. Additionally, countertop forms a significant part of its surface area. Subsequently, it is important to select countertop material which is not only of top quality but one with aesthetic quality as well. At AB Stone Innovation, we are a remodeling contractor that specializes in bathroom and kitchens. We offer full-services for both residential and commercial clients throughout the greater Huntsville AL area, including Athens, Madison, and Decatur and beyond. We specialize in providing our clients with bespoke services in granite kitchen countertops.

Since 2010, we have tested and worked with various materials used in remodeling interior surfaces including kitchens and bathrooms. Subsequently, we have established ourselves as an authority in the suitability of various materials for different surfaces. As such we have established 5 key reasons why granite is among the best materials for kitchen countertops.

Durability – Granite is essentially a natural that is quarried and processed to make it suitable as a cover for some interior surfaces. One of its main features is durability, even when subjected to various forms of pressure. Countertops made from this material withstand immense temperatures, hence their suitability for all kitchen purposes. Additionally, since the substance is very hard, it is not easily susceptible to scratches, resists stains, and does not absorb liquids, particularly when well-sealed. Even though we recommend use of trivets, we offer our customers various types of insulation for their countertops without affecting the attractive good looks of the substance.

Aesthetic quality – Our countertops deliver dazzlingly rich beauty unmatched by other countertop materials. Not only is the substance natural, but it also maintains a timeless air and appeal. Our granite countertops come in more than 20 shades, meaning that we offer our customers the color that perfectly blends with their cabinets, walls and flooring.

Care and value – One of the main reasons why most of our customers opt for this type of material is the ease of cleaning and value of the substance. For most cleanups, we recommend a daily wipe down using a soft cloth and water with a mild, non-abrasive detergent. The approach is effective in preventing stains and maintaining the natural sheen.

Regardless of how long clients use our granite countertops, we guarantee that the value does not depreciate as long as the surface is properly cleaned and maintained. The material indeed has a combination of unique attributes that make it the ideal substance for kitchen countertops. Apart from remodeling kitchens, at AB Stone Innovation we offer other interior home remodeling services to ensure that residential and commercial buildings retain that aesthetic aura coupled with functionality.

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