How To Care For Your Stone With A Granite Fabricator In Huntsville AL

Installing granite in your home is a great way to enhance the overall value and aesthetic beauty of this structure. This natural stone is an attractive, enduring material, especially when it is cared for properly. Following are several things that you can learn by working with a trusted granite fabricator in Huntsville AL like AB Stone Innovation.

When we install new flooring or counters for our clients, we make sure that they know the inherent differences that exist between these and other commonly used materials. Foremost among these differences is the fact that natural stone is very porous. To protect its aesthetics and its overall integrity, these surfaces must always be properly sealed. This is something that we can help you with at the time of installation.

Even when properly sealed, there are certain substances that should never be allowed to come in contact with these surfaces. This is especially true of acidic juices, solutions or fruits. Leaving a sliced lemon resting directly on top of your natural stone counter or allowing a drop lemon to sit on your floors can result in a serious problem known as etching. We recommend using cutting boards and always performing quick clean-ups when acidic items or solutions fall or spill.

Etching is also something that you should be leery of when choosing cleaning solutions to use on your new counters and floors. It is important to avoid solutions that are abrasive or that have acidic or potentially corrosive agents within them. In fact, once you have eliminated all surface debris, you will rarely want to use more than warm, soapy water and a lightly dampened mop. Mild dish detergent is the best cleaning solution to use after it has been diluted.

There are a number of polishing and sealing agents that you can use on your own. When you work with AB Stone Innovation, you will be given recommendations for the best products to use on each surface. Some cleaners are specially designed to restore and protect your original seal so that the length of this protection is greatly extended.

Granite is an excellent investment and a truly stellar addition to any home. Learning how to care for these upgrades properly is key to optimizing their overall value and your long-term returns. Get in touch with AB Stone Innovation to learn more about the benefits of using natural stone additions and to get extra tips on ongoing natural stone care.

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