AB Stone Innovation Granite Countertops: Unique Attributes

The kitchen is one of the busiest parts of a house. From time to time, one will find the use for kitchen inevitable, whether it is to prepare meals or even refreshments. Subsequently, it is important to have the best and quality kitchen surfaces, especially countertops. Granite countertops are among the best surfaces that we offer you for your kitchen. Our countertops are characterized by unique and essential attributes. Here are some of the features that make our granite countertops the best in the market:

1. Genuine Natural Material

Currently, conservation has become a major issue in society. Subsequently, products developed from genuine natural material rank the first in the market, not only due to their effect on the environment but also on the health of users. With respect to countertops, there are various options ranging from wood, metal, plastic, and stone. Our counter-tops are derived from genuine natural stone, making them the natural choice for kitchen surfaces. Our granite is quarried in its natural state from the ground and then sliced into slabs that are fabricated for use as countertops.

2. Stain Resistance

Stain resistance is one of the main reasons why granite countertops are very suitable for kitchen surfaces. At AB Stone Innovation, we offer a variety of this type of counter-tops, ranging from the darker and denser to the lighter forms. We recommend darker granite since they are very dense and sometimes, they might not even require the use of a sealer. On the other hand, the lighter one is less dense, more porous, and thus requires several coats of a sealer to qualify as stain resistant. Despite the choice, we ensure that our countertop surfaces are stain resistant by treating them appropriately.

3. Heat Resistance

Our countertops do not blister or melt when exposed to heat. Naturally, this rock material should be able to withstand a substantial level of heat. A kitchen user can place a hot pan on the countertop without causing it any harm. Despite this essential quality, we recommend that you use a trivet when utilizing appliances like crockpots since they emit heat for a prolonged duration. Subjecting our countertops to as little heat as possible ensures that the hard-igneous rock will retain its aesthetic quality for long without cracking.

With genuine materials, stain, and heat resistance, our countertops have some of the most desirable qualities in kitchen surfaces. When used for countertops in a kitchen, they are far superior to marble, laminate and synthetic. Furthermore, they are better looking especially when polished.

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