The Benefits Of Using Stone Countertops In Your Huntsville, AL House (2 of 3)

Welcome to post 2 of 3 in our series about the benefits of using stone countertops in your Huntsville, AL house.


Vinyl is known to crack and bubble while unfinished wood can warp and mold. Stone lasts longer because it resists the types of damages that ruin other counters. When the counters last longer, they give you a better return on your investment. You avoid having to repair or replace them as quickly as you would if you chose another type of material.

Stone also does not burn or stain like wood, vinyl, plastic, and some choices available today. You can set hot pans on it without leaving behind a burn mark. You likewise do not have to worry about it retaining stains and odors like vinyl or plastic. It proves to be more durable and suitable for homes with children, pets, and busy traffic in and out of the rooms.

Easy Maintenance

Counters always need to be cleaned. They have to be wiped down to keep bacteria and viruses off of them. When you do not want to scrub or use bleach or harsh abrasives, you might be pleased with how easily you could wash stone surfaces. The high gloss allows you to spray and wipe away cleaning liquids. Bleach will not take away the color. Abrasives will not scratch off the gloss.

You also avoid having to use bristles and harsh brushes to clean the tops. You may use a soft sponge or cotton cloth to achieve the desired results.


This choice is available at most home improvement and remodeling home centers. You are not required to special order it from a faraway distributor. You might select the choices you want for your home the same day and expect delivery the next day or a few days later.

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